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INMM® – Compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard

ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management system is in place at INMM®.

We care to keep information assets and data entrusted to INMM® by third parties, secure.

The security of information is a major concern to INMM® and we’ll continue investing to keep it safe from cybercriminals.



MAXXIE™ proves capability to integrate systems and methods applies by the MRMI (Medical Response Major Incident) Italy team, using MACSIM® (MAss Casualties SIMulation) instruments for planning and managing the response to major incidents.

A successful test confirmed the integration possible from 5 to 7 November in Foligno (Caserma “Ferrante Gonzaga del Vodice”) where MAXXIE™ has been used to assist the MRMI team during exercises.


AIR SHOW PAN – Rivolto, 1st May 2018

Through Maxxie we can provide support to all those involved in the health aspects of planning for a  mass gathering, for the collection and sharing of information, including geospatial tools for data collection, to establish a tracking system for all resources (human, personnel, medications, and equipment) to support a plan for information dissemination and provide an identification system for key responders.




INMM is pleased to introduce the DISASTER VICTIM IDENTIFICATION (DVI) mobile application module, the new component of our MAXXIETM Dynamic Patient Tracking System for the management of the dead bodies, one of the most difficult aspects of disaster response.
We believe that our solution can support the DVI processes at the scene of major incidents/disasters, while providing real time data to be further confirmed and integrated by appointed forensic Departments.

The Smart Bracelet designed by INMM® for MAXXIE™

Bracelet designed to integrate with the MAXXIE™ patient tracking system the GENUSWATCH will be available next october 2018 to be worn on the wrist of patients and store clinical data from the MAXXIE™ System on its NFC chip. The device provides a visual indication of patient status: P1, P2 or P3 to provide first responders with a simple visual status of patients to assist with evacuation prioritisation.

GENUSWATCH is a project developed by INMM® Srl in partnership with Loughborough University, designed to be used integrated with the MAXXIE™ Dynamic Patient Tracking System, providing first responders with real-time data on patient health status.






Support to emergency medical services

Patient Tracking solution in place to support medical services during a simulated vehicle-ramming attack.
10 aprile 2018 Ospedale San Bortolo – Vicenza
12 april 2018 Training Camp – Vicenza

INMM® team, under the supervision of the Head of the Medical Services of Vinceza Province Dott. Federico Politi, have supplied the hand held devices to test the capability to close te loop for the pathway of patients from the point of major incidents to subsequent entry into the hospital where there is full traceability.

INMM Technical Support: Ing. Saverio Macchia



I National Congress SIS 118

I National Congress SIS 118 Health assistance in the mountains
– Health assistance in the mountains, in the islands and in a hostile and hypogeal environment.
Auditorium of Palasport – Folgaria, Alpe Cimbra (TN)
15-18 march 2018

INMM will attend to the “I National Congress SIS 118 of health assistance in the mountains – Health assistance in the mountains, in the islands and in a hostile and hypogeal environment”, presenting MAXXIE™ the System to approach the pre hospital Multiple Casualty Incident medical management. Follow us to know more about our Health Care Technology solutions.

Goal of the Congress is to face and deepen the organizative issues, composition of a team, training, logistic, evaluation of up to date means, new technologies and clinical risk of health assistance in the mountains.

Scientific Committee, National Congress SIS118 Folgaria march 2018
Dott. Alberto Schönsberg
Dott. Alberto Zoli

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Hypogeal: underground environment