Monthly Archive August 2018



INMM is pleased to introduce the DISASTER VICTIM IDENTIFICATION (DVI) mobile application module, the new component of our MAXXIETM Dynamic Patient Tracking System for the management of the dead bodies, one of the most difficult aspects of disaster response.
We believe that our solution can support the DVI processes at the scene of major incidents/disasters, while providing real time data to be further confirmed and integrated by appointed forensic Departments.

The Smart Bracelet designed by INMM® for MAXXIE™

Bracelet designed to integrate with the MAXXIE™ patient tracking system the GENUSWATCH will be available next october 2018 to be worn on the wrist of patients and store clinical data from the MAXXIE™ System on its NFC chip. The device provides a visual indication of patient status: P1, P2 or P3 to provide first responders with a simple visual status of patients to assist with evacuation prioritisation.

GENUSWATCH is a project developed by INMM® Srl in partnership with Loughborough University, designed to be used integrated with the MAXXIE™ Dynamic Patient Tracking System, providing first responders with real-time data on patient health status.