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INMM® is an innovative Italian company based in the Region of Emilia Romagna in the North East of Italy. INMM’s main activity is the design, development and production of innovative ‘out of hospital’ medical information systems to support first responders and clinical organisations.
These solutions often fall under the category of ‘mHealth’ and include networked systems based on mobile devices such as smart-phones, tablets and personal digital assistants.

INMM® is technology independent but utilises wireless infrastructure* for the delivery of health information in critical scenarios, aimed at supporting health surveillance, patient tracking and communication among multiple agencies in major incidents, mass gatherings, and remote areas.

INMM® have demonstrated 10 years of innovation and field deployment to reach the current level of sophistication. This was realised through continued evaluation and development to ensure the products are robust and fit for purpose.

Health Care Technologies

Current product portfolio includes:

  • TRAMA™ – a health monitoring device where patients can be monitored remotely via smartphone or tablet.
  • MAXXIE™ – a patient tracking system for mass casualty incidents which improves communications between agencies over a secured network connection to help them work collaboratively
  • IT-HEALTH – a system designed to collect medical information of refugees across Italy for diagnostic purposes and improved patient access to healthcare.
  • MCCSMedical C2 command and Control System for military users in joint and combined operational missions, out-of-area missions, Crisis Response Operations.

INMM’s mission is to exploit information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve patient data and information and the sharing of this data between health services providers and health professionals. INMM® has a track record of development of products tailored to suit the requirements of the end user and is currently involved in 3 research and development projects, 2 with Italian Universities and 1 with Loughborough University in the UK.
INMM® has registered 2 patents and 1 PCT extended in Europe and the UK linked to its innovative portfolio.


ISO 9001:2015
Data protection certification ISO/IEC 27001
NATS Cyber security certification

Approved supplier to

Italian Ministry of Health
Italian Ministry of Defence
Italian Red Cross

*Typically transmitted over 3G, 4G/LTE or satellite communications systems.

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