Health data, screening and surveillance

The System that supports health professionals to assess the health through first evaluation & screening for foreign citizens.

screening and data flow management for profiling and compiling health card for foreign citizens

Main features

Each individual is assigned a medical tag – GENUSTAG Technology – working both as visual tag to access to health care as well as real component of the informative system to profile health data.
IT-HEALTH™ System permits data collection guided through unified protocols throughout the whole chain of care, both from client or desktop devices, directly at entry points – airports, seaports and on board of ships.
All medical health record as well as the personal and clinical data are securely encrypted, privacy is protected according to regulations in force. Synchronisation of data is forced by the system through the GENUSTAG either to write, view and update data..
Data sharing and integration, increase the operative efficiency and reduce the possibility of clinical error risks. Further clinical evaluation and data update are always possible along the chain of care and help increase data accuracy.
Accesso to IT-HEALTH™ System is permitted only to authorised personnel, who are forced to login in specifying their professional profile thus identifying themselves and giving automatically their position and role in a mission.


Additional feature

Additional features include in case of arrival from an epidemiological “area of risk” IT-HEALTH™ System, updated with previous preloaded information, matches data and instruct care givers do deepen screening while alerting of a possible threat.

GENUSTAG is innovation in patient tracking

PATIENT TRACKING – GENUSTAG is the technology developed by INMM that supports the IT-HEALTH™ System in patient tracking. Each patient is provided with a unique ID electronically written onto the wearable GENUSTAG to provide full traceability through the chain of health care.

genus tag tecnologia INMM