MAXXIE Dynamic Patient Tracking System

A dynamic system supporting the near real-time management of patients and resource in a mass casualty incident. It works with GENUS TAG that is developed out of INMM technology and permits patient tracking services providing an updated health card.

Maxxie dynamic patient tracking system

Certified and innovative system utilizing the latest Genus Tag for effective patient tracking

genus tag tecnologia INMM

Managing Rescuers

OPERATIVE ROLES – Assignment of roles and visual display of the ongoing actions.
USER PROFILING – Role based user profiles are provided enabling optimisation of modules to ease flow of data in high-pressure environments.
CONTROL ROOM – Dynamic management of data enables near real-time situational overview and patient status.

Maxxie rescuers, soccorritori, assegnazione ruoli
Maxxie schema ruoli operativi

EMERGENCY MEDICAL DISPATCH – Manages PSAP routine activities including logistics and communication.

VEHICLE STAGING AREA – The Senior Officer of Transport coordinates the movement of vehicles.

COMMAND AND CONTROL POST – Senior Officer of Health Services assigns the roles and manages the intervention plan.

INCIDENT SCENE – The Senior Officer of the Recovery Teams manages the teams and allocates the tasks.

TREATMENT STATIONS AT SCENE – The Senior Officer of the Advanced Medical Point manages the evacuation priorities of the injured.

GENUS TAG: innovation in patient tracking

PATIENT TRACKING – each patient is provided with a unique ID electronically written onto the wearable GENUS TAG to provide full traceability through the medical chain.
AIDE-MOMOIRE – the system provides an electronic guide to triage operations for first and second levels of treatment according to operational protocol.
GEOLOCATION – the incident scene map is dynamically updated allowing command and control of resources on scene and subsequent transportation.
HEALTH CARD – GENUS TAG provides a record of all information related to a single patient until the data is overwritten or wiped.

genus tag tecnologia INMM


The MAXXIE™ System is rigorously tested during simulated operations both in civil and military scenarios whilst being continuously evaluated against alternative solutions and methodologies*. The system was critically evaluated within a doctoral thesis: “Eco-Sistemi informatici distribuiti real-time a supporto del lavoro cooperativo in scenari di emergenza” which concluded that the use of the systems technology reduced execution times and error margins along with increasing adherence to procedures. The System has been patented since 2007 and the usability interface is certified according to ISO/IEC 2001 a.

*Scientific documents are available on request.
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