Medical Command and Control (MED C2) System

Mobile medical information system supporting Medical Command and Control (MED C2) functions designed for international theatres of operations.

mccs™ simplifIES Staff training, Logistics, Protocols, Standardization of user procedures

MCCS Medical Command and Control System (MED C2)

The MCCS™ Solution

MCCS™ is a scalable, customisable solution designed for deployment in a range of configurations to suit the operational and technical requirements of the user.

 mccs tag iconMCCS™ supports the collection, management and storage of casualty data for medical intelligence and medical information activities.
 mccs mobile deviceStandardized and unified protocols for digital collection of casualty data enhance multinational interoperability by bridging the language barrier gap.
mccs data sharing iconMCCS™ produces data reports for healthcare operators of all nationalities, at any time, in their language to minimise the risk of translation error and reduce response times.
 mccs data storage iconMCCS™ facilitates pre-deployment simulation training, using fully operational equipment and technologies.


MCCS handheld device

MCCS™ features and equipment

IDENTIFICATION – The System includes a medical warning TAG worn by the casualty in order to facilitate easy identification and tracking throughout the patient care pathway. The casualty’s significant medical updates are stored within the TAG to ensure that appropriate clinical decisions are undertaken.

DATA CAPTURE –  MCCS™ centres on the use of a mobile device with preloaded software that provides an application for recording the casualty’s clinical history until a NATO Field Medical Card can be created and shared with the Theatre PECC or Medical Treatment Facilities.

DATA SHARING – MCCS™ works in the toughest of scenarios, enabling data transmission through available communication channels ensuring the accurate exchange of information and continuous alignment of deployed resources to provide the most efficient care.

DATA STORAGE – MCCS™ provides a secure data storage system that can display information in ag-gregated formats, enabling situational awareness and a common operational picture, post-mission analysis and critical situations detection (mission replay, performance analysis, research, intelligence).

GENUSTAG technology by INMM, supports our medical management system solutions.


MCCS™ is continually tested during simulated operations in military exercises whilst being rigorously evaluated against alternative solutions and methodologies*. The system was critically evaluated during dedicated Nato Medical Exercises (eg: Toxic Trip sept. 23 2015 in Villafranca, Italy; Vigourous Warrior Sept. 4-22 2017 in Berlin, Germany) confirming that the use of the systems technology reduced execution times and error margins along with increasing adherence to procedures. MCCS™ has been patented since 2007 and the user interface is certified according to ISO/IEC 2001 a.

System Client/Server Requirements

Control Room module: Network connection
Patient Tracking module: Handheld devices, GENUSTAG
Optional: Data Linker

MCCS matches any military scenario