TRAMA System eng

TRAMA Remote Safety Monitoring System

Wearable technology for remote monitoring of biometric parameters with a focus on worker safety.

A device supporting operational safety in hostile and high risk environments

• firefighters
• soldiers
• rescuers
• workers in industries and oil platforms
• workers in hostile contexts

The TRAMA™solution

TRAMA™ was developed from a need to assess physiological status, safety, health and operational effectiveness of workers employed in activities subject to high levels of physical and emotional stress.
The System detects and monitors biometric parameters by the use of medical grade sensors that are able to transmit reliable health data via Bluetooth to the APP TRAMA™ that shares data with the SERVER TRAMA™ application. Control thresholds of performances can be set allowing audio/visual alarms to be triggered providing performance and safety monitoring.


The device sensors detect pulse oximetry (SpO2): measuring heart rate and oxygen saturation permitting physiological evaluation of individual users and their operational effectiveness, real time.
The sensors can transmit data to the mobile client APP over wireless protocols, radio and Bluetooth®, adaptable to the equipment worn by the user.


Receives data sent wirelessly from the device along with positional data from the inbuilt GPS and movement data from the inbuilt accelerometer to support physiological measurements.

Server TRAMA™

Receives and manages data from the mobile APP through a cloud-based interface, displays single task for one or more users in real time. Database export function available for post-event analysis.

PATENT 01140670792024 – Jan. 11, 2016 / System and monitoring method of vital parameters.