The self monitoring kit system

An innovative wearable technology for remote monitoring of the physiological (SPO2+HR) and geographical data of one or more wearers at once.

Costituent parts

  • TRAMATM Headband with probe , or probe incorporated into caps, or helmet’s padding
  • Wearable compact hardware
  • TRAMATM Smartphone with TRAMATM app
  • TRAMATM Base receiver programme


Is fully wearable

Small, confortable, easy to use, lightweight, compatible with clothing, reliable.

TRAMATM  sensor is connected to a portable handles receiver (a smartphone) via Bluetooth reducing the need of wires and making the system portable and adaptable to the equipment worn by the user.
TRAMATM  smartphone app includes GPS location, accelerometers, displaying information both locally and remotely to a base receiver programme.
TRAMATM sensor allows to assess the physiological status of the user, and TRAMATM software gives valuable information about his/her operational effectiveness.